New Perspectives in Sioux Falls and Helping Non-profits Succeed

Always Ask

Volunteers often express the desire for increased connection and synergy with fellowvolunteers as a way to enhance their experience and productivity. Inspired by an esteemedcolleague and client of ours, this past year we began incorporating a Question of the Day....
How Philanthropy Can Be a Competitive Advantage

Partners in Mission and Impact

At Maximizing Excellence, we have a partner-first mentality. We partner with organizationswho want to improve their effectiveness and achieve high impact. We believe we areresponsible for more than expertise in a partnership. We strive to be a mentor,...
1 Million Cups with Cindy Peterson

Ready or Not? Go with Ready

As a consultant, a donor, or a spectator, my involvement with capital campaigns would beconsidered extensive compared to most. Likely for that reason I was recently asked aninteresting question: What percentage of capital campaigns that are ‘approved’ or...

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