The Institute serves as our educational branch, offering a comprehensive program of presentations and trainings for nonprofits. We provide fun, interactive, and educational workshops and webinars focused on resource development and capacity building.

Institute Topics Include:

How to capture giving motivators and effectively connect an ask strategy to a donor.

Create a common language to explain, educate, and involve others in your mission.

How to collect, compile, and understand data to improve programming, influence funders, and provide more accountability to the donor on impact, outcomes, and transparency.

Equipping any nonprofit on how to expand their reach, introduce new donors to their mission, and increase community engagement.

Turn your nonprofit into a philanthropic culture builder by prioritizing what happens after the donors say ‘yes.’

Infusing philanthropy as a strategy and differentiator to achieve business objectives and retain employees.

Putting together an organization’s capacity building puzzle with mission at the forefront.

The art and science behind harnessing a meeting’s productivity potential.

Understanding and leveraging how perception, process, and motivation impact how a message delivery and reception.

Introduction to consulting and the different roles a consultant can play for an organization. Experience the expansive breadth of knowledge and experience assessable to advancing any mission.

Upcoming Institute Sessions:

Resource and Capacity Building Training Series and Cohort Group

July - December 2024

What You Will Get

  • 6-month training series and cohort group with a blend of in-person workshops and online sessions
  • 4 consultants totaling 70+ years of experience working in and with nonprofit organizations
  • 7 hours of CFRE credits


What You Will Gain

  • Elevated Organizational and Fundraising Capacity
  • Increased Donor Engagement
  • Strategies and Tools for Efficiency


Training Topics

  • Messaging to Evoke Action
  • Making a Compelling Ask
  • Engaging Board Members in Fundraising
  • Informed Practice
  • Broadening the Base
  • Stewardship. Stewardship. Stewardship.
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