The State of Sioux Falls Philanthropy

In 2019, sensing a shift in the nonprofit industry, Maximizing Excellence set out to study and plan for the forces that will shape Sioux Falls philanthropy over the next 10 to 15 years. The State of Sioux Falls Philanthropy report is a comprehensive look at philanthropy today and its perceived future through the lens of the community’s donors.
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Preparing Organizations to Respond Modules

Maximizing Excellence, LLC developed five Preparing Organizations to Respond modules based on the State of Sioux Falls Philanthropy study to help nonprofit leaders understand and react to what donors are looking for in their philanthropic relationship.

  • Messaging to Evoke Action: Create common language to explain, educate, and engage others in your mission.
  • Making a Compelling Ask: Leverage donor motivators and effectively connect an ask strategy to a donor.
  • Informed Practice: Collect, compile, and understand data to improve programming, influence funders, and provide more accountability to the donor on impact, outcomes, and transparency.
  • Stewardship. Stewardship. Stewardship.: Establish donor loyalty and turn your organization into a philanthropic culture builder through stewardship.
  • Broadening the Base: Activate your champions, expand your donor base, and increase community engagement in philanthropic activities.

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