The Dream has Never been Bigger

In July 2010, I set out to build a company that would provide experience, expertise, and support to nonprofits and other service-minded organizations. I believed if these organizations could strengthen their capacity and skills to raise money, tell their story, and engage volunteers, they could serve more people and positively change more lives.

Thirteen years later nearly 150 organizations across seven states have trusted MaxEx with improving their effectiveness and strengthening their impact. Through our work we have created lasting partnerships with several organizations. I am proud to say 26.8% of our clients have returned to MaxEx for additional projects.

Our nonprofit sector is facing more challenges than ever before, and they are asking us to be part of the solution. We are mission-driven at MaxEx and want to help every organization in need of our services. Unfortunately, for over a year no matter how clear it was we could help an organization, I had to say ‘no’ more than ‘yes’ because we did not have the capacity. We exist to positively change lives and saying ‘no’ meant we were not doing what we were called to do.

To meet the moment, we adopted a new business model, added a consultant, and identified new ways to educate more organizations by building and providing resource development training modules.

Personally, I sought additional mentorship and coaching. I stepped into more visible leadership roles, including serving as President of Downtown Rotary. I invested in organizations that can have a multiplier effect on our community, including a significant contribution to Start Up Sioux Falls’ new facility. I leaned into my love of philanthropy and my family invested big in establishing a fund at the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation.

I let myself dream.  And the dream has never been bigger.

MaxEx strives to be the trusted go-to for nonprofits and philanthropists. We exist to ensure organizations have the resources and capacity to realize their vision. Realizing their vision is our mission. We are committed to growing in the way and at the pace that allows us to say, “yes we can!” when organizations ask to partner with us.

Stay tuned. The best is yet to come.

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