Partners in Mission and Impact

by | May 2, 2022 | MaxEx

At Maximizing Excellence, we have a partner-first mentality. We partner with organizations
who want to improve their effectiveness and achieve high impact. We believe we are
responsible for more than expertise in a partnership. We strive to be a mentor, facilitator,
energizer, activator, and problem solver.

Our services span from strategic planning to capital campaign management to customized
research projects. All of which could be executed by an organization internally. So what is the
benefit of hiring a consultant? There is significant value in having an outside perspective. Not
only do consultants offer a more objective and less entrenched way of looking at an
opportunity or idea, their status as “outsider” makes them the right people to ask the tough
questions of those closest to the organization. This is especially true during strategic planning.

For example, say an Executive Director is sensing some disconnect among board members
regarding the organization’s mission. Knowing there are big decisions to be made in the near
future, she suggests it might be a good time for strategic planning. In this scenario, Maximizing
Excellence would survey or individually interview board members before the planning retreat
to see how they are thinking about the mission and other organizational activities. We provide
a safe space for board members to share openly and honestly what they might not feel
comfortable saying to the director or fellow board members. Equipped with such insight, we
are able to design a retreat that is more productive than combative and facilitate activities that
build consensus rather than cause division.

If you have something in mind for a potential partnership, feel free to reach out to any one of
our talented consultants on the team!

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