Fundraising in Crisis Formula

by | Apr 2, 2020 | MaxEx

Equations can simplify even the most complicated scenarios. Take for instance fundraising in
times of crisis. If your experience has been at all like mine in recent weeks you have been
bombarded with information, recommendations, and varying perspectives on what the heck to
While putting my thoughts together on this very topic a formula emerged: A Fundraising in
Crisis Formula.

Mentality + Motivators + Message = An Invitation

Here’s a snapshot:
Mentality – Stay focused on your mission and why your organization exists. Focus on the needs
your organization meets, not what your organization needs.

Motivators – Trust the fundamentals. Donors are motivated by a belief in your mission and
understanding the impact you make. A 2016 study found 83.5% of individuals give
“spontaneously in response to a need.” This is broadly relevant today.

Message – Even your most loyal supporters likely do not know the extent of COVID-19’s
influence on your organization. Elevate how it impacts those you serve and your response. And
articulate what happens if you do nothing.

An Invitation – Your most loyal supporters are your target audience in times of crisis. The hard
part is your target audience is very narrow. The good news is your target audience is very
narrow! Remind them why they support you and invite them to be part of your solution right

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